The fine print

Governance Policy

The Australian Psychoanalytic Foundation:

  • seeks grants from philanthropic donors who support the purposes for which the Foundation was established; and
  • makes grants to fund activities aligned with those purposes.

The Board is the responsible decision making body in relation to making grants. The members of the Board are nominated by APAS in consultation with existing Board members, with appropriate Board renewal and succession arrangements.

The Foundation has adopted the following principles in relation to grant-making:

  1. Acknowledgement of the duty to comply with the Constitution of the Foundation
  2. Acknowledgment of the importance of operating in accordance with the wishes and concerns of donors
  3. Acceptance that openness, transparency, integrity, and accountability are important in the provision of grants to beneficiaries.
  4. Acceptance of the obligation to inform all members of APAS about the potential for grants to be provided, to the extent appropriate given the available resources of the Foundation.

The Foundation has also adopted the following policy in relation to membership of the Board:

Board members have a duty to avoid perceived or potential conflicts of interest, as well as any actual conflicts, in relation to grants determined by the Board. To address the issue of perception of possible conflict the Foundation has adopted the policy that any organisation, programme, or initiative that wishes to apply for funding must be at arms-length from the Board.

Therefore anyone involved with the leadership of any organisation, programme, or initiative that receives funding from the Foundation is not eligible to be a member of the Board.

Furthermore, no Board member or member of his or her immediate family may personally benefit from the Foundation’s funds except where payment is made on normal commercial terms for professional services rendered to a patient funded by the Foundation.

This Policy was adopted by the Board at its meeting on 2nd May 2019